Developing people

NHS Improvement

A National framework for action on improvement and leadership development in NHS-funded services

What is this framework?

It’s the first version of a national framework to guide local, regional and national action on developing NHS-funded staff. Its sponsors are the main national organisations with NHS responsibilities.1 The framework applies to everyone in NHS-funded roles in all professions and skill areas, clinical and otherwise. Future updates are expected to cover people in social care as well.

What is the framework’s purpose?

To equip and encourage people in NHS-funded roles to deliver continuous improvement in local health and care systems and gain pride and joy from their work. To that end, the framework aims to guide team leaders at every level of the NHS to develop a critical set of improvement and leadership capabilities among their staff and themselves.

Who is this document for?

This document is directed primarily at the senior management teams of all organisations and partnerships responsible for NHS-funded activity. The idea is to release regular updates, improved by feedback from teams using the framework. Why? Evidence and experience from high performing health and care systems shows that having these capabilities enables teams to continuously improve population health, patient care, and value for money. Developing these capabilities and giving people the time and support required to see them bear fruit is a reliable strategy for closing the three gaps identified in the NHS Five Year Forward View.

The full document can be found here.