An overview of the first three network leaders included in the spotlight series

Carol Read RN/MSc

The first 'spotlight on' series features three different network leaders for Autumn and Winter from the UK and USA. Each one offering a fresh perspective on networks in health and social care. The themes are building a network, bridge builders in networks and community management.

There is no one size fits all when building a network and what the spotlight series aims to do is provide insight from the growing international source4networks community. Each interviewee will add 10 tips or raise questions about networks based on their  experience and will recommend another leader to be interviewed. By using the ‘pay it forward’ methodology everyone recommended is attributed with network leadership authority by the community for the community. A distinct and unusual form of crowdsourcing. 

The first spotlight case study is from Tracy Broom (Wessex Academic Health Science Network).  Tracy is currently building the Q Wessex network and has significant experience with other networks.  The second spotlight case study is from Alison Cameron (Patient Leader) who shares her insight through an essay and questions on being a bridge builder in networks.  Finally Colleen Young from the Mayo Clinic USA has written about the complexities of community management, an issue that will resonate with many of the source4networks community. Colleen and I will be writing a joint piece on community management in the future when we aim to uncover key themes from the UK and USA.     

All spotlight series network leaders are active users of social media and passionate about improving patient care through networks.  They work for a diverse range of organisations and all collaborate across boundaries.   

As we move into Autumn the case studies are a quick ten minute + read you can catch up on in the darker evenings.  Please let us know if you use any of their tips to improve your own network or if you are interested in being part of a future spotlight series.

Finally you may find the diagnostic and resources section useful in connection with the content from the October case study.  If you are registered with the site you can join the community page to find a range of networks to join or add your own.