Reinventing orgnisations

Blog and video submitted by community member

Rob Cockburn - Improvement Manager, Sutainable Improvement Team, NHSE

The complexity of change, the overall environment and the pressure of austerity is resulting in a worldwide scenario across all forms of organisation were only 13% of employees are actively engaged and twice as many are actively disengaged, i.e prepared to ‘sabotage’ - with remainder only being passively disengaged.

Laloux suggests an overall disillusion with traditional management systems and processes are the cause of the above. We are at a threshold where these systems of management are becoming largely irrelevant to the majority of people. The emergence of the knowledge age means people are no longer accepting their place as simple cogs in a machine. People are demanding a value based perspective to work.

He focusses on a Dutch organisation, called Buurtzorg, providing homecare and draws out the difference as to how that operates versus the more traditional home care provision run on the ‘machine management structured organisation’. Buurtzorg focusses on the patient and their needs rather than on management efficiency. It really makes you think what the phrase ‘Compassionate Care’ actually means while crearting efficiencies that have resulted in million euro savings across the system. These savings are not created by process efficiencies but by enabling patients to become more self-sufficient; supported by a different type of organisation which

  • Has removed the traditional organisational structures of power hierarchy
  • Creates an environment where people can be true to their values rather than wearing just their professional hat and being present rather than simply turning up
  • Is moving from the paradigm of prediction/control of a machine to a system of listening to the organisation as an organism that is evolving by sensing its environment and responding accordingly

Perhaps the overall message is ‘The organisation is dead, long live the organism’