The course launches on 21st January 2019 and finishes in April 2019. Each module opens on a Monday (dates given below):

  • Module Zero: Orientation: Opens Monday 21st January
  • Module One: Network Purpose and Function: Opens Monday 4th February
  • Module Two: Engaging your Network Members: Opens Monday 18th February
  • Coaching Circle 1 (held during modules 1-2)
  • Live Webinar 1: Monday 25th February 3.30pm-4.30pm 
  • Module Three: Creating Value and Impact for your Network: Opens Monday 4th March
  • Modules Four: Network Sustainability: Opens Monday 18th March
  • Coaching Circle 2 (held during modules 3-4)
  • Live Webinar Two: Thursday 25th March 12.30pm-1.30pm
  • Online graduation ceremony: 23rd May 2019

Leading Networks

Leading Networks is becoming a vital skill for health care leaders across the health system, in ICS and of course in the new Primary Care Networks. This video introduces you to Leading in Networks. You can find out more in our Learning Space.

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Here you will find case studies, and the latest intelligence on networks, as well as events for network leaders.


Do you have a question about how to organise your network? Maybe you want to share some great practice?

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Use our dynamic set of tools with your network, to understand how your network is developing and where to improve.